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Personal Care Packaging

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Personal Care - Success with style.

There is no other market segment where form and function are so interdependent. By it’s very definition, the Personal Care market requires flare and shelf appeal. No other company is better positioned to help you gain success than TricorBraun. It’s not just that we’ve won a host of awards. For us, the proof is in the results. We leverage our creativity, resourcefulness, technology and innovative approaches for our customers daily. We believe we are the complete package. That means we can help you succeed in ways you may never have thought imaginable. Work with us and we’ll do our best to see that you meet and exceed your packaging goals, in the most efficient manner possible, and all while staying within budget.

Global Sourcing:
Typically, the one missing component, perfect for the packaging of your latest product, is usually found right here in North America. However, if it is not, we’ve got a world full of resource options. The Pacific Rim, India, Southeast Asia, Europe, Canada, and Mexico - we do business in all of these places on a regular basis. Wherever it is, we’ll get it for you.

Design and Engineering: We know how to make glass and plastic do some amazing things–both functionally and aesthetically. If you’ve got a package design need, come in for a closer look. You’ll see names and packages you’re familiar with. Maybe even some that when you saw them out in the world you wondered, “where did that design come from?” Well, now you’ll know.

Options Plus? A primary reason TricorBraun has become the leading supplier of rigid packaging in North America is our ability to provide lots of options. Our broad selection of stock and custom molds, our productive relationships with the leading packaging and component manufactures in the world and our ability to offer exceptional, efficient logistics and management services have helped make us a highly sought-after "under one roof" packaging company. We're all about options, and our standing in the industry gives us the power to offer as many as you need - and then some.

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Don’t take our word for it: View these Personal Care Case Studies to see how TricorBraun’s options bring more to each project:

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FDA Regulations:
Recent articles and guidelines for the Personal Care industry

SAFE COSMETICS: The Safe Cosmetics Act 2011 will cause big changes in how cosmetics are formulated and labeled. In an effort to address the growing concern with regards to unsafe chemicals in cosmetics and personal care products, the Safe Cosmetics Act of 2011 was announced in June. This groundbreaking initiative is intended to enhance existing protection for millions of American consumers. The Nation's cosmetics industry plans to support legislation that would strengthen and modernize regulatory oversight of the industry and create a greater for for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in assessing ingredient safety for personal care products.

FDA Q&A: Are all personal care products regulated as cosmetics? People often use the term "personal care products" to refer to a wide variety of items that we commently find in the health and beauty departmens of drug and department stores. The term "personal care product," however, is not difined by law. Under the law, som of the products commonly referred to asa "personal care products" are cosmetics. These include, for example, skin moisturizers, perfumes, lipsticks, fingernail polishes, eye and facial makeup, just to name a few. Want to learn more about what defines "personal care" and new regulations and news in the market?

> go to the FDA website to learn more