White Papers

Choosing In-Wall Desiccants for Solid Tablets and Capsules

An analysis of desiccant technology, including the history of separate desiccant devices (usually silica or clay) and a comparison of in-wall desiccants available today: Calcium Oxide and DryKeepTM from Sasaki Chemical of Japan Read More

Bring Innovations to Market

Package design thrives on innovation. Brand owners are continually looking for new ways to outshine the competition, and package designers and manufacturers are continually looking for innovations that will help them do so. Read More

Addressing Panel Sink in Plastic Bottles

Joseph Haun helps understand how panel sink occurs and what you can do about it. Read More

How Innovative Package Design Powers Packaging

In the last half of the 20th century, the life of the shopping consumer was becoming increasingly crowded with activities, the shelf-appeal “moment of truth” was becoming shorter and the competition for attention was intensifying. Product branding through packaging was booming, and innovation in package design was thought of almost exclusively as the creation of dynamic, eye-catching packaging with strong shelf presence. Read More

Designing a Package

According to Craig Sawicki, Executive VP of Design and Innovation, good packaging must combine the provocative and pragmatic to be successful. The average package has only 8/10ths of a second to gain a customer’s attention in a retail setting. Read More

Packaging Questions for Your Contract Packager

Rigid packaging is inherently fluid in its applications. However, this flexibility brings with it a number of options that need to be understood and considered ... Read More

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