How to Apply Shrink Bands with a Heat Gun

How to Apply Shrink Bands with a Heat Gun How to Apply Shrink Bands with a Heat Gun

What Are Shrink Bands and How Are They Used?

Shrink bands are a perfect way to ensure that you are providing your customers with a tamper-evident seal on your product. Shrink bands are made of PVC plastic that will fit over the top of the neck and closure of your bottle or jar. After correct application, the shrink band must be torn and removed to open the bottle or jar. Once removed, it is not possible to reuse or reapply thus ensuring a tamper-evident seal. To find out which shink band is right for your packaging, check out our sizing guide.


Two Bottles with Finished Shrink Band Application

How to Apply Shrink Bands with a Heat Gun

1. Fill your container with the product and apply the closure.

Two Bottles with Product and Closures with No Shrink Bands On


2. Apply the shrink band over the neck and closure of the bottle or jar.

Two Bottles with Shrink Bands on Before Heating


3. Evenly apply heat to the shrink band with a heat gun until the band has shrunk, providing a professional tamper-evident seal.

Bottle with heat gun pointed at shrink band


4. Make sure you to stay 6 to 12 inches away from your bottle or jar to apply correctly and evenly.

Note: Use caution when using the heat gun. Too close of a distance can cause melting or disfiguration plastic bottles, jars, and closures.

Correct vs Incorrect Application of Shrink Band with Heat Gun


That's it, you're done! Using a heat gun is a simple yet effective way to apply shrink bands to your product.

View from the top two bottles with finished shrink bands

Packaging Options Direct offers a full assortment of shrink bands to purchase, along with our preferred brand of heat gun. Always be sure to check our Shrink Band Sizing Guide before purchasing shrink bands. Looking for an alternative way to apply shrink bands? Check out our post on the Hot Water Method, perfect if you are only applying a couple of shrink bands at a time. Have questions? Contact us today and we will be will happy to assist!



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