Better-for-You Alcohol Beverages

March 29, 2021 | in Industry News

Better-for-You Alcohol Beverages

Across the globe, low and no alcohol beverages are becoming increasingly popular alternatives for health-conscious consumers who want to focus on wellness, without sacrificing indulgence. These mindful drinkers seek beverages with functional ingredients and engaging flavor profiles that deliver the same relaxing experience as traditional alcoholic favorites.

Index of alcohol-free and low-alcohol launch numbers

Whether they are looking to moderate their alcohol intake or eliminate alcohol entirely, there are no shortages of options for consumers to explore. From hard seltzers to beer to cocktails, every corner of the traditional alcohol space is now including wellness-forward options to their product portfolios. 

low and no alcohol options


Crafted, Light & Natural

Across all subcategories, a slim aluminum can has become a dominant packaging format for health-forward, ready-to-drink (RTD), and carbonated beverages. While slim cans rose to popularity during the hard-seltzer boom, category staples such as light beer are taking on similar design language to help convey a “light and natural” message to consumers and inch closer towards the growing health and wellness trend.  

low alcohol seltzers and beer optionsCrafted Light & Natural Design Cues:

  • Confident use of negative space
  • Clean and minimalist graphics
  • Bold and clear typography


Premium & Experiential

The absence, or reduction, of alcohol by volume (ABV) in a traditional alcohol beverage used to place products in a niche category. Now, growing demands for products that support health and wellness have encouraged consumers to consider these products through a new lens, and they are growing in popularity.

Less alcohol does not have to mean lower quality. When packaged with the detail of high-end sprits or introduced with indulgent flavor profiles or functional ingredients, the low and no alcohol category has given rise to a plethora of premium products.

Premium & Experiential low alcohol options

Premium & Experiental Design Cues:

  • Glass bottles - Consider a custom bottle for added value!
  • Labels with sensory details - Letter press logos or foil stamps
  • Bar top finishes or cork closures - Traditional to premium spirits

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