Laundry Care Series Part II: Ready. Set. Go. (and Clean): Packaging that Gives On-the-Go Consumers Peace of Mind

August 30, 2019 | in Laundry Care

Laundry Care Series Part II: Ready. Set. Go. (and Clean): Packaging that Gives On-the-Go Consumers Peace of Mind

Welcome to the second of TricorBraun’s four-part series about choosing packaging solutions to meet your consumers’ specific needs. (To read Part One—how ecommerce is changing the way consumers buy laundry care products and what the implications are for your brand’s packaging strategy, click here.)

Increasingly hectic lives and less free time have boosted the importance of marketing to the On-the-Go consumer. This demographic desires convenience, connectivity and mobility to actively research or purchase products or services “on-the-go” versus at home on a desktop computer. The On-the-Go trend shows no signs of slowing down, and we’re here to help you better understand this consumer and the vital role packaging plays to drive growth for your brand and products.

Understanding the Consumer: Everything. Everywhere. Right Now.

Consumers are constantly seeking convenience to speed up and simplify their everyday tasks. Mobile technology and an “on-demand” society have become more pervasive in our lives and, therefore, we are accustomed to products and services that are available at the push of a button — anytime and anyplace. Previously tedious tasks like grocery shopping, selling consignment, auction bidding, and scheduling doctor's appointments have shifted to simplified online transactions.

Faster, more reliable mobile devices allow for “on-the-fly” product research and shopping. And “micro-moments”—the act of reflexively turning to a device such as a smartphone for an immediate answer or purchase—are a critical point in the consumer journey.

Other important trends that impact the On-the-Go mindset:

  • Self-service retail (Scan-as-You-Shop, self-checkout)
  • Online window shopping offers access to unbiased reviews and price comparisons
  • In-store pickup and dedicated return counters for online purchases
  • In-app ordering, payment and tipping (Amazon, Target, Apple Pay)
  • Dash – or other automated replenishment systems that anticipated usage and auto replenish

Act Fast. What “On-the-Go” Means for Laundry Brands.

These trends are having a significant impact on the laundry care industry. Laundry formats continue to evolve from standard powders and liquids to more convenient options like pods and concentrated formulas. At the same time, the rise of the On-the-Go consumer—whether on a business trip, a journey to the gym or attending a children’s play date—is increasing the popularity of laundry care product options that are portable, lightweight (e.g., single-use stain wipes) or have easy, fast applications (e.g., one-touch dosing). These options give consumers peace of mind they will stay clean wherever they are.

Rethinking Functional Packaging to Meet Consumers’ Demand for Convenience

First, you must understand the specific packaging needs of the On-the-Go consumer:

  • Busy consumers who multitask daily demand convenience. Fast, easy packaging formats like one-touch dosing or no-drip applications will make consumers happy, not to mention their day more efficient and effective.
  • For consumers with an “away-from-home” mindset, air travel requirements and baggage fees are prompting frequent air travelers to favor a well-packed carry-on bag over checked luggage. Compact, single-use, trial- or travel-size options (such as single-use stain wipes, pens, smaller bottle sizes, individual dehydrated powder detergent packs, laundry bars and sticks) are perfect for this on-the-go traveler. Long trips? Detergent pouches with spouts and refillable pouches are ideal for items that need to be washed periodically.
  • To leak or not to leak. The last thing consumers want to see when they open their carry-on item or suitcase at their destination are damaged belongings from a leaky detergent spill. Therefore, packaging options for a “mess-free” experience must feature secure sealing, and a leak-proof or “goof-proof” design. At the same time, traveling well without sacrificing product quality and ease of dispensing is critical for peace of mind.
  • Concentrated formulas are perfect for On-the-Go consumers because the smaller bottle eliminates the difficulty of transporting a heavier item while offering the same cleaning power.


Ready. Set. Go.

TricorBraun works with more than 800 manufacturers and suppliers around the world to produce stock packaging solutions that meet their customized needs, including: compact, single-use/trial- and travel-size/, built-in applicators, lightweight solutions, dispensing closures, dosing, soft touch resins (for a pleasant grip when on the move) and ready-to-use solutions.

As one of the largest packaging suppliers in the flexible packaging market, TricorBraun has more than 40 locations and offers global expertise on features and functionalities associated with flexible packaging solutions (e.g., trial- and travel- size pouches, fitment pouches) that will meet the demands of the On-the-Go consumer.

TricorBraun’s Design & Engineering Center houses a team of highly skilled and experienced designers and engineers who bring a comprehensive knowledge of what’s possible to create innovative, cost-effective, custom packaging solutions from the ground up. The award-winning team develops solutions driven by consumer and market insights with a focus on seamless and successful commercialization.

Our custom solutions and process help you differentiate your products’ packaging in a way that creates stronger, more meaningful experiences with consumers—and ultimately helps generate brand loyalty.

There’s an important connection between packaging design and functionality and the evolving needs and lifestyles of the On-the-Go consumer. At TricorBraun, we work to understand consumer behavior and preferences so that your packaging not only connects with consumers but outperforms their expectations—today and in the years to come. When this happens, you can drive product success, brand loyalty and consumer evangelism.

We can help you get there with a winning packaging strategy. Let us show you what the implications of the On-the-Go consumer lifestyle trends mean in terms of packaging design features and functionalities. For more information on solutions available for laundry care packaging for the On-the-Go consumer, please contact

And stay tuned for Part III of our “Spot On” Laundry Care series: “Is Your Packaging ‘Instagram-Worthy’?”.

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