Material Selection Matters, Part 4

October 26, 2020 | in Industry News

Material Selection Matters, Part 4

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Key Consideration #4: Consumer Experience

Understanding consumer behavior and the impact lifestyle trends have on packaging preferences is absolutely essential; we can’t overstate it. Consumers crave convenience. We’re multi-tasking, we are pressed for time, and we’re always on the go. We want products that allow for easy and fast dispensing, and more and more, we crave portability. So while a lightweight, transparent PET bottle with a CT closure might protect the product and meet the consumer’s at-home vitamin consumption requirements, this packaging style may not be portable or convenient.

Similarly, brand owners must constantly balance the consumer’s functional goals and package preferences with material selection. For instance, a brand owner responsible for a dish soap package might seek a recycled, highly-squeezable package. There are multiple ways to incorporate PCR and to lightweight a package, but we need to be sure we are not compromising the product’s shelf life by removing important barrier properties.

Using PET bottle for dish detergent

Finding a Path Through the Material Maze

There are a multitude of material selection options for your brand packaging and making the right decisions is critical. Do you have a knowledgeable partner who knows the ins and outs of packaging material selection to help you find a viable route through this maze?

An expert packaging provider can provide you with the expertise to help you navigate the maze, define the right packaging components, mitigate risk, ensure on-time commercialization and balance your brand requirements with the product stability needs. Identifying and selecting the right packaging materials keeping these considerations in mind can help you win on the shelf and help consumers win at home.

No matter the package format or size, TricorBraun can supply the packaging to help meet your customer’s needs. Email us at to get started on your solution today.

Download the full white paper on Material Selection here.

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