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For months, consumers have been intensely focused on their immediate health and safety, which has accelerated the health and wellness trend. Wellness goals will rise to the forefront as consumers seek to improve their overall well-being. Immunity boosting products are set to lead the way, with claims to fortify both bodies and minds. Products for preventative and proactive health maintenance, anxiety reducers, and sleep-aids will also be important. Packages should be positioned with ecommerce-friendly formats as adoption for ecommerce grows and offer convenient, or on-the-go dosing as consumers increasingly re-enter public spaces.

Quote from packaging digest on changes to diet and supplement consumption to boost immunity

What does this mean for packaging?

Whether it’s a daily dose or a one-time boost, user experience should drive packaging formats and dispensing methods. If consumers will interact with the product frequently in their homes, consider larger formats with simple ways to portion, such as scoops or dispensing closures. Individually-packaged options like sachets or tablet tubes are great for on-the-go, while structural integrity and secure sealing will be required to withstand the additional shipping touch points from ecommerce and direct-to-consumer models. Regardless of the format, many products will still require child-resistant (CR) closures, making the classic CR packers and dropper bottles appropriate options.  

Products trending in nutraceuticals

As manufacturers continue to innovate formulas to better integrate into our daily habits, so will the packages that support them. Look for cross-category inspiration in the form of premium eye droppers for liquid supplements or cosmetic-inspired tins for gummies. Above all, the components, material selection, and design should marry in a way that promotes brand authenticity, transparency and a clean product message.

No matter the package format or size, TricorBraun can supply the packaging to help meet your customer’s needs.

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