Package Qualification and Validation

August 02, 2021 | in Industry News

Package Qualification and Validation

It’s not enough to design a custom package. We help get it out the door.

Welcome to the latest post in our series on how TricorBraun develops commercial-ready custom packaging solutions from concept to consumer-ready. First, we provided an overview of the 5 key steps in our design and engineering process. Second, we looked in more detail at the critical mold development stage. Today we’ll look at another critical step in the process: qualifying and validating your package to get it into production—and, ultimately, into consumers’ hands.

Package qualification and validation is the step where our mold engineering and technical services team provides quality assurance that the aesthetic and technical elements of your design are manufactured as specified. It’s a quality assurance process that puts your packaging through its paces.

In simple terms, once your mold is built, parts are produced and analyzed to ensure functional and dimensional accuracy. This process ensures that packaging components meet the established specifications and performance criteria. In addition to standardized qualification testing, we also provide leak testing, heat induction seal testing, application/removal torque, drop testing, top load capacity, open/close forces, and wall thickness and distribution analysis to further validate the effectiveness of your primary packaging configuration.

Package qualification and validation using state of the art machines.

Package qualification and validation using state of the art machines.

Once upon a time, lab technicians used calipers to measure dimensions and literally dropped a package repeatedly to “drop test” the package’s integrity. Today’s package qualification and validation uses sophisticated equipment. We invest in state-of-the-art equipment, including automated video measuring systems for dimensional analysis and the latest available technology for functional testing. One of our engineers even built a new device that analyzes dispensing output and the characteristics of the product with different closures. It’s all part of our commitment to continuous innovation to ensure we have the resources and tools to meet our customers’ needs.

When Initiative Foods was looking to redesign its packaging, the baby food manufacturer turned to TricorBraun. We designed an aesthetically pleasing, convenient, and functional package that resonated with on-the-go parents. Once designed, package validation was extensive to ensure the lids securely snapped onto the cups and could be resealed after the initial opening. Our mold engineering and technical services team performed leak testing on the lids with the film liner to ensure the package wouldn’t leak during shipping. They also performed contamination testing for food safety. In addition, they verified the product would stay fresh once resealed so it could be reopened and eaten later. The final package was an innovative, differentiated design that offered operational and cost efficiencies while meeting on-the-go parents’ need for an ergonomic design with a secure seal.

Package Qualification and Validation for initiative foods

Bringing peace of mind to our customers.

Package qualification and validation brought peace of mind to Initiative Foods and its customers, and it will do the same for your business. It’s a critical step in the broader design and engineering process that ensures package functionality, integrity, and an overall positive customer experience.

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