Packaging Comfort Food & Beverages

October 12, 2021 | in Industry News

Packaging Comfort Food & Beverages

Food and beverages products have a unique ability to evoke memories of simpler times and provide comfort. Packaging is the first opportunity brands have to connect with consumers on an emotional level, and potentially influence their purchasing decisions.

71% of consumers enjoy things that remind them of their childhood quote

Package formats and design details that speak to comforting trends will provide reassurance or relaxation. Let’s examine four key sentiments, or emotional values, food and beverage brands can tap to address consumer desires.

New Nostalgia

With greater stress comes consumers reminiscing about better times. This has led to a rise in eating foods from childhood, watching childhood movies, and even wearing retro clothes. Brands are hopping on this trend by launching throwback products to evoke that good feeling.

Convey new nostalgia via packaging with these features

Healthy Indulgences

Consumers are seeking foods that are good for them but also comforting during unpredictable times. Brands are releasing products that allow consumers to indulge guilt-free while still feeling cocooned by ingredients that promote flavor and warmth.

Convey healthy indulgence with these packaging features

Meal Kits

Meal kits are a way for consumers to spend quality time with themselves or with family in their own home. An indulgent home-cooked meal or snack is great for consumers looking to treat themselves in a safe way. Brands are packaging up meals to offer consumers everything they need for a quality night in.

Optimal packaging features for meal kits

Local Focus

Locally made products offer greater transparency and trust. Consumers believe local producers and small farmers have more integrity and are deeply invested in the quality of their products. Packaging is communicating this local story, highlighting the region or supply chain.

Covey local focus via packaging

During times of uncertainty, consumers will seek out products that provide comfort and security. Food and beverage brands that use their packaging to speak to this trend will quickly communicate their value and position themselves well for success in the market.

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