Safe Packaging for Food & Beverages

August 16, 2021 | in Industry News

Safe Packaging for Food & Beverages

From primary packaging to ingredient sourcing, consumers seek reassurance that their food and beverage products are clean and safe. Packaging features that mitigate the risk of tampering or contamination will be expected, and transparency around the ingredients and sourcing will resonate strongly with shoppers.

74% of consumers said they prefer to buy products with packaging that will protect the contents from contamination quote

Primary Packaging


Tamper-evident packaging gives a clear indication of whether a product has been opened by anyone besides the consumer. It is both a physical barrier that maintains freshness and a quick visual sign of security.

  • Vacuum Seal Closures
  • Neck Bands or Shrink Sleeves
  • Closures with Tear-Bands or Break-Away Bands
  • Child-Resistant Flexibles

Tamper-evidence in packaging


Single-use packaging saw a resurgence in the food and beverage space as consumers viewed it to be safer and more hygienic than reusable options.

  • Thermoform Containers
  • Heat Sealed Flexibles
  • Single-Serving Containers

Single-use packaging examples

Sensory Cues

Whether it’s a pop, click, or snap, brands that make use of these auditory signals provide a second layer of reassurance that the package has been sealed.

  • Vacuum Seal Closures
  • Dispensing Closures with Audible Close
  • Snap-On Closures with Audible Close

Sensory cues examples in packaging

Product Ingredients

‘Made in Touch-Free Environment’ Language

Some consumers are becoming increasingly interested in how their products are produced. Brands that use transparent language and on-pack cues to address their specific concerns will make trusting the product that much easier. 

  • QR codes
  • Certifications & Symbols

Certifications and symbols packaging examples



Knowledge is power and understanding ingredient origins helps consumers feel like they have been given visibility into the product supply chain. Knowing exactly where and how their products are being produced helps reassure them of product quality, hygiene, and safety.

  • QR Codes
  • Transparent Language
  • Graphic Visualizations

Traceability examples in packaging

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