Trending: Gifting and Celebration

August 30, 2019 | in Liquor and Spirits

Trending: Gifting and Celebration

More and more consumers are opting to gift experiences as opposed to “things”. With an overall growing appreciation for unique, clever details, consumer seek spirits bottles and packaging that are novel, yet functional; eye catching, yet appropriately thematic for the occasion.

Personalized Packaging and BarwareBlue Label

Consumers want to give gifts that speak uniquely to the recipient and connect in a thoughtful way. Gifts that can be customized with names, initials, hometown maps, or even etching a personal sentiment directly on the bottle feel special and memorable. Personalization has been enduring trend in other categories and likely has a long runway in spirits.

Single-Serve Subscription Boxes

Beautifully curated gift boxes, presented with all the makings for craft cocktails, offer single-serve bottles and secondary packaging that are equally beautiful.

Saloonbox Subscription Service

Trend examples include: Saloon Box, which includes recipe cards with the right-sized spirits; Crafted Taste, which includes the perfect tools for cocktail-making in a beautifully designed secondary package; and Cocktail Courier.

Giftable Kits and Samplers

Giftable Cocktail KitThese unique, celebratory kits are perfect as gifts for the more discerning spirits fan. The smaller spirits and/or mixer packaging is meant for single-serve occasions (and also has particular appeal to millennials who are still experimenting and identifying their favorites.)

To explore the gifting trend with your brand, consider how you might create single-serve mixers to accompany spirits and cut down on waste. Or, develop ways to create kits or gifts based on specific occasions or holidays. Consider ways to enable your consumers to personalize their spirits purchase and think about opportunities to encourage education and exploration around your spirits brand.


The 1970 Vodka

Winning in Spirits with Packaging

Spirits brand owners can drive consumer loyalty through packaging that meets consumers preferences and enhances the consumer experience. To achieve this, you need an experienced packaging partner that understands the consumer trends and behaviors that are driving the market. TricorBraun can help you develop meaningful packaging solutions that deliver on consumer preference and ultimately win at the shelf.

Take the next step to win in spirits with packaging by contacting TricorBraun at 800-325-7782 or

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