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6.5 Gallon Carboy

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Food & Beverage: 6.5 Gallon Carboy

More Than Meets the Eye, a Carboy That is Safe, Sustainable and Loaded with Functionality

Brewcraft USA partners with TricorBraun to transform a carboy into the Genesis™ Fermenter.

With a long list of objectives in hand, Brewcraft USA—who had been purchasing stock bottles from TricorBraun for several years— asked, what if we could develop a carboy that is not only safe and sustainable, but does more than a typical carboy that was designed to hold and carry liquid? According to Brian Morton, Division Sales Manager, Brewcraft USA, “While safety always comes first, we also wanted to design everything Do It Yourself (DIY) ers and hobbyists never knew they needed, including ergonomic handles, a wide mouth, graduations, an optional disposable and recyclable liner and a space-saving shape.”

The TricorBraun Design and Engineering team used their expertise to create a truly unique and innovative product offering for the home brewing industry. Designed specifically with DIYers and beer and wine enthusiasts in mind, the 6.5-gallon carboy is the largest “bottle” ever designed and engineered by TricorBraun. Brewcraft USA provided several specifications: packaging components made in the USA; food grade and recyclable HDPE (high-density polyethylene); integrated ergonomic handles; easy-to-clean, volumetric graduations; a disposable liner and a flat rest bottom.

“There’s really nothing like it in its class that has a sanitary liner with an oxygen barrier that is removable and disposable, eliminating the need for cleaning. Glass carboys can be difficult to clean and often; brewers simply put a stopper in and toss it aside until they run out of empty ones or stop brewing altogether,” said Morton. “This is a paradigm shift, a new approach, and it may seem ahead of its time but once people try it, they love it!”

The bottle can be used without the liner and has a wider mouth for both easy access to place the liner in and out. The handles have been ergonomically positioned and are solid so no liquid can enter them and therefore no cleaning is required.

From a sustainability standpoint, the Genesis™ Fermenter is produced in the USA, avoiding additional pollution due to overseas shipping, boosting the economy, and allowing users to fit more on a pallet and in a trailer, which creates a smaller footprint and makes shipping more cost effective. Additionally, the bottle is reusable and recyclable, and the liner is disposable and recyclable at select locations.


“This was such a collaborative effort that after just a few concept meetings, we arrived at something better than what we expected.”

—Brian Morton, Division Sales Manager, Brewcraft USA


TricorBraun offered several design iterations and according to Morton, “This was such a collaborative effort that after just a few concept meetings, we arrived at something better than what we expected. At the same time, we were rigid about the seal. Quality is important and we didn’t want any oxygen to get into the liquid during the fermentation process.” Brewcraft USA also wanted the inside of the vessel to be smooth so that no bacteria could grow inside. Morton adds, “While it can hold liquids as good as any carboy, we designed the Genesis to brew.”

TricorBraun conducted comprehensive research regarding clear versus opaque, handle versus no handle and alcohol resistant liner materials. “The liner has unique properties for fermentation so that it can be stored for months and the plastic won’t leach into the alcohol,” said Marco Serrano, Design Development Manager at TricorBraun. “Users can also brew wine with the liners.”

Gerald Christian, Design Engineer at TricorBraun adds, “It’s been designed and engineered with functionality in mind. The closure interface with bung and airlock system works like a rubber plug allowing gas to escape without taking in air. The solution involved a silicone gasket seal. The custom closure seals off the carboy, allows the brewer to use the bung and airlock system and holds the bag in place. We conducted quality testing for sealing of the bag, capacity and filling without pinching off. The result is an airtight, dual purpose (liner or no liner) vessel for home brewing that is both reusable and easy to clean.”

Additionally, the bottom has a flat rest so that brewers can tilt it for easier siphoning of liquid, leaving sediment behind.

“The result,” according to Morton, “is a sleek, quality and professional grade product that is truly differentiated from the competitive offering. We’ve addressed the pain points of home craft beer brewers and wine enthusiasts, making it a safe and convenient process. Our TricorBraun packaging consultant, Gillian Brennan, helped us cross the finish line.”

The Genesis™ Fermenter is currently available in approximately 100 home brew retail stores.

Click to view the Genesis™ Fermenter unboxing video.

About Brewcraft USA

Vancouver, WA-based Brewcraft USA was founded by Frank Steinbart in 1918 as the F.H. Steinbart Company. The Steinbart Wholesale division was opened in September of 1994 and was sold to Brewcraft Ltd. of New Zealand in July 2005. Since the beginning, our company has been a mainstay in the home brewing and brewery equipment industry throughout the Pacific Northwest. We take pride in offering excellent customer service and a high level of quality in all of our products. We use organic products and follow environmentally safe processes whenever possible. With over 100 years of combined brewery and brewing experience, our dedicated sales and support staff understand the importance of excellent ingredients, product knowledge, and the expertise which are involved in making great beers and spirits. In 2010, Brewcraft USA became a subsidiary of Great Western Malting Company. Brewcraft USA continues to supply a wide variety of premium quality local, imported, and specialty ingredients and equipment for the production of beer, wine, cheese, and spirits. As part of the Great Western Malting Company family, Brewcraft USA now extends beyond the west coast and serves the entire United States. Additional Brewcraft USA warehouses opened in Champlain, New York (2011) and Fletcher, North Carolina (2014), and Garland, Texas (2016), and South Holland, Illinois (2017).

About TricorBraun

TricorBraun is a global packaging leader, providing innovative solutions across a wide array of customer end markets in plastic and glass containers, closures, dispensers, tubes and flexibles. TricorBraun operates from more than 40 locations throughout North America and around the world. Our award-winning Design & Engineering Center provides forward-thinking design, driven by consumer insight, market understanding and creative solutions. Other services include global sourcing, manufacturing oversight and global supply chain programs. For more information, contact TricorBraun at 800-325-7782.

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6.5 Gallon Carboy

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