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For most of their 75 years, the people at Carma Labs made just one thing: Carmex Lip Balm, packaged in the familiar clean white jar with the yellow lid and loved by generations of consumers. But when Carma Labs recently introduced Carmex Skin Care products, they found a valuable partner in TricorBraun who not only helped them to source a unique package for their Carmex Healing Cream, but who provided a turnkey operations solution that freed Carma Labs to do what they do best: formulate great products, nurture their exceptional brand and focus on sales and marketing. And it’s a partnership that’s working – the new Healing Cream in the handy yellow tin has exceeded expectations in its exclusive launch in a major drug store chain.

An American Story With a Global Twist

A true mom-and-pop story, Carma Labs started at the stove top of its founder and pretty much stayed right there in that Wisconsin kitchen for half a century, growing steadily and winning legions of fans. And while still proudly family-owned and Wisconsin-based, the founder’s grandsons have changed things up a bit, substantially and successfully expanding its lip balm line and, more recently, working to extend the Carmex brand into the skin care category.

It was the national launch of Carmex Skin Care and an order for an exclusive package from a major drug store chain that brought Carma Labs and TricorBraun together. With limited resources, a short window of opportunity and an idea to package their new Healing Cream in a unique tin that none of their suppliers could seem to find, the people at Carma Labs needed a hero … and that’s when TricorBraun sales representative Terri Sheppard called. They weren’t a customer yet, but Terri knew what Carma Labs was looking for and she knew just where to find it. She’d just seen it while working with TricorBraun Mexico and because of TricorBraun’s extraordinary global sourcing capabilities, she knew she could deliver it to Carma Labs quickly and on budget.

“The response from our TricorBraun sales rep was exceptional.”
— Jim Olson, Director of Supply Chain, Carma Laboratories, Inc.

One-Stop Shopping

TricorBraun’s unique global reach was exactly what Carma Labs needed to source their tin. But while they continued to work with Terri, they found that TricorBraun’s broad capabilities, strong relationships, extraordinary customer service and indisputable ingenuity were about to make this job easier and more seamless than they could have imagined. In fact, as the project progressed, Carma Labs learned that TricorBraun could provide a complete operations solution for their Healing Cream launch including package design, component sourcing, product filling, shrink wrapping, carton display design and production and finished goods pack out. And best of all, as a result of TricorBraun’s partnership and ability to manage all aspects of the project, Carma Labs realized significant overall cost savings and was able to launch their Healing Cream on time and in exactly the tin that they wanted.

When Customers Find Out What TricorBraun Can Do For Them, They Are Amazed

Not just distribution or design or sourcing or coordination or engineering or the ability to work quickly, creatively and globally. TricorBraun is all of these things. And we’re here to make your product work.

“TricorBraun provided a turnkey solution that helped us meet our customer’s request both on time and within budget.”
— Jim Olson, Director of Supply Chain, Carma Laboratories, Inc.

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