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Personal Care: Eufora International

A Commitment to Creating Beautiful Solutions

Since their inception, the founders of Eufora International have made it their business to bring innovative, high performance hair care products to salon owners and professional stylists that are designed to help them reach the highest levels of success. Over the years, they have continually added new products to their salon-exclusive lines and each time they have, they’ve called on longtime partner TricorBraun to bring their vision for the packaging to life. From the innovative square bottles and jars of their core line of shampoos, conditioners and styling products to the strong, confident packaging of their Hero for Men products, TricorBraun is proud to have been Eufora’s trusted packaging partner for more than a decade.

Performance You Can Count On

When Eufora created their new Beautifying Elixirs to meet the needs of clients with damaged, dull, brittle and frizzy locks, they called TricorBraun right away – and not only because of TricorBraun’s time-tested ability to create innovative packaging that stands out on the exclusive shelves of high-end salons.

This time they called on TricorBraun because they needed help designing and sourcing the manufacture of nine separate but coordinating custom packages, some of them tailored to work with some unusual stock closures, manufactured by three separate companies, ready to be delivered to three different fillers … and all in just six weeks. When she got the call, Eufora’s TricorBraun packaging consultant, Guisela Dodson, went right to work.

"From understanding our package design vision to overcoming any obstacle quickly with innovative solutions, TricorBraun delivers above and beyond our expectations."
— Beth Bewley, CEO, Eufora Int’l

Beautiful Inside and Out

Eufora had some ideas for the packaging design and within a week, TricorBraun had presented them with several options for the entire line that accommodated their vision of a clean, tapered, professional, high-end look. Once a design was chosen, a set of precise ratchets was added to the bottle’s neck to ensure a perfect fit with the stock, center dispensing closure. Then, with the design complete, the molds were developed and qualified in just four weeks.

For this, TricorBraun worked in conjunction with a trusted local vendor who had worked with Eufora in the past. The short timeframe to launch created some unique circumstances including a brisk, intensive color matching process which was necessary to ensure the custom colors were exactly what Eufora had envisioned and that each different bottle was a perfect match for the rest of the line. This color matching task was completed by the three separate manufacturers selected to create the bottles, the jars and the aerosol cans – the latter acquired and managed through a partnership with TricorBraun’s Mexico division.

"With a next to impossible time frame to accomplish the project, TricorBraun moved mountains to hit our ship to trade date and ensure a successful launch."
— Beth Bewley

Inner Strength Creates Outer Beauty

Because of the strength of the longstanding relationship between TricorBraun and Eufora, the entire project was a success by every measurement. Eufora was delighted when the TricorBraun hit their launch date exactly on time, with exactly the packaging they had in mind. The line, too, was a success at retail with impressive sales numbers and multiple reorders since the launch less than a year ago.  And the partnership continues to thrive as well… in fact, Eufora and TricorBraun are now working together on yet another massive project that is well on its way to launch, proving that being an innovative, reliable, well-connected and hardworking partner is its own reward. And we’re happy to say that our friends at Eufora agree.

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