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Professional Products Unlimited, Inc.

Personal Care

Personal Care: Professional Products Unlimited, Inc.

Generating growth in a crowded market

Professional Products’ Groganics™ brand is a specialty line of hair and scalp treatment products that was created to satisfy a market niche—personal care for dreadlocks.

Fending off the mega brands

For such a specialized market, there is no shortage of competition. Even the world’s largest consumer products companies are discovering the value of targeting the African American market. Authenticity is just as important as creating a superior product.

Keeping costs down and sales up

TricorBraun was engaged not only for its expertise in rigid packaging and component parts, but also for its ability to negotiate better prices with suppliers and manufacturers.

Professional Products has been manufacturing personal care products for the African American market since 1992.

Their portfolio of brands includes over 60 products. TricorBraun has been involved in some aspect of each one.

Business Growth

Early on, Cyrus Jackson, the President and Founder of Professional Products, realized that even if he had a superior product it was worthless without a superior package. And as the underdog, the small company in a very competitive industry, he couldn’t afford to make any missteps if his company was to succeed.

As more and more major competitors moved into the personal care industry for African American consumers, Jackson focused on keeping his brands relevant and authentic. And he trusted TricorBraun to help him stay competitive.

“TricorBraun has always been there for us,” said Jackson, “with timely shipments, good pricing and great customer service. They have played a large role in our continued success.”

Economies of Scale

Because of Professional Products’ relatively small size in relation to many of its competitors, negotiations with its suppliers and the manufacturers of its chemical products are very important. That’s where TricorBraun comes in.

For the Groganics™ line, Jackson wanted to go in the completely opposite direction of the major brands. He wanted a medicinal look. So he once again turned to TricorBraun to create the packaging and find the bottles at a cost his small business could afford.

“TricorBraun was able to find the bottle components from three separate manufacturers,” said Jackson. “They negotiated with each of them for the best prices given the small quantities with which my company works.”

Whether a customer is an industry leader or a startup and whether they need a custom container or sourced components, they can count on TricorBraun.

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Professional Products Unlimited, Inc.

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