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Personal Care: BeautiControl®

Creating a Package as Appealing as the Product

BeautiControl® is a Dallas-based cosmetics company that has been selling personal care products through its network of consultants for more than 25 years.

"We launch about 120 new products each year," said Don Walden, Director of Package Engineering for BeautiControl. "We work on eight to twelve new products every month. It's a fast -paced business, and we need vendors like TricorBraun that can keep up."

Design Innovation

Because the Lip Apeel® brand is so important to the company, as soon as signs of a problem arose, they called TricorBraun.

"We did what we always do," said Roger Allend, BeautiControl's TricorBraun sales representative. "We surrounded the company with better options. Our engineering group created custom parts, and our design group presented nearly a dozen alternatives."

"TricorBraun exceeded our expectations on every level. We continually entrust them with the success of our brands and our company. They're a valuable partner." - Don Walden

Cost Savings

Once a design was chosen, TricorBraun's international group negotiated with their vendors around the world.

Not only did they source the highest quality components, but they did so at a per-unit cost that was roughly 50% less than the cost of the original package.

Business Growth

No matter how cool the design, the new packaging had to be functional, particularly in light of the previous package's shortcomings.

"This was a major project for the BeautiControl," said Walden. "Lip Apeel continues to be one of our best sellers, product dehydration has been eliminated and the brand has been reinvigorated."

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