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Food & Beverage: Cultivating Relationships

When you talk to people who love wine, you’ll often hear them say that wine is alive. In a way, it’s true—from vine to vinegar, wine has a discernible lifespan. When a wine is “born,” it’s unsophisticated, but it may reveal hints of its character. In time, as it matures, it realizes its full expressive potential. Yet, all wines—even the very finest—eventually pass their prime and begin an inexorable decline toward vinegar. And that’s under the best of circumstances. If the wine isn’t handled with care, anywhere along that continuum, one mistake or defect can cut a wine’s life short.

The same can be said about relationships—business or personal. For them to thrive, they too need to be handled with care. And that aptly describes the approach used by Gillian Brennan, account manager with TricorBraun WinePak, and her relationship with Owen Roe Winery.

The Bottle Matters

Established in 1999, Owen Roe Winery has been creating wines that showcase the unique terroir within the prestigious grape growing regions of Yakima Valley, Washington and Willamette Valley, Oregon. Co-Owners, David & Angelica O’Reilly and Ben & Julie Wolff share a passion and a history dedicated to fine wines. A few years ago, they were crafting a flagship wine and needed a specific type of bottle to do it justice. Whenever possible, they try to source bottles from a domestic supplier, but the one they were using at the time was unable to secure the bottle they wanted. Finally, frustrated and with just two days until the bottling truck was scheduled to arrive, the winery decided to contact Gillian.

Gillian leveraged TricorBraun WinePak’s unmatched resources, and didn’t just find the right bottle, she found an even better one. She recommended that Owen Roe consider an Eco-Glass bottle; one that’s much lighter in weight than a conventional bottle. They agreed to the recommendation and Gillian rushed the bottles to the winery, where they were quickly filled, boxed and loaded into the trucks on time. So, in the end, she not only helped save the vintage, she also helped them save money on shipping expenses.




“And most of all, thank you for Gillian – the 650K we purchased last year was 100% due to the relationship that Gillian built with Owen Roe – her service and integrity are second to none!”

— Mary Radcliffe, Owen Roe Winery



In the Family

Since then, by providing thoughtful service, anticipating the winery’s needs, and offering workable solutions on the fly, Gillian has earned 100% of Owen Roe’s business. That’s between 80,000 and 90,000 cases of bottles per year.

Sure, Owen Roe still gets solicitations from other bottle suppliers, but they remain faithful to Gillian. Today, they boast a diversified portfolio that has been recognized globally by critics, wine writers and consumers. And Gillian, she’s like a member of the Owen Roe family. She attends many of the winery events and has even been known to bring them a kettle of her savory chili during the strenuous days of the harvest. It’s a true testament to the value of excellent and consistent the prestigious National Association of Container Distributor’s (NACD) annual packaging competition. 

About TricorBraun

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Cultivating Relationships

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