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Personal Care: Philosophy, Inc.

The Right Relationships can Help Build a Brand

Philosophy is a fragrance company, a skin care company and a bath and body company. But more importantly, it’s a lifestyle brand that provides high-end products to help its customers celebrate wellness by feeling better about themselves.

From Skeptic to True Believer

TricorBraun has worked with Philosophy for many years, but when Sheri Brode joined Philosophy as the Purchasing Project Manager in 2003, she wasn’t immediately convinced of the value of using an intermediary to negotiate with the company’s packaging suppliers.

“Philosophically, I had a very difficult time,” admitted Brode. “I had always bought direct before. After working with TricorBraun, however, I honestly don’t think Philosophy could have achieved the same tremendous growth over the past five years without them.”

The reason for Brode’s change of heart? A TricorBraun team that knows her products and components as well as or better than she does.

“For me, working with TricorBraun is about relationships. They care about our success. That’s why they’re the only distributor I work with on a daily basis.”
– Sheri Brode, Senior Product Manager

“If I don’t have the time to investigate something fully,” said Brode, “I can call our dedicated TricorBraun customer service representative, and she can often give me part numbers and purchase volumes off the top of her head. She is truly wondrous.”

A Proactive Partnership

Working with TricorBraun has been very cost effective for Philosophy. TricorBraun has great relationships with a vast network of suppliers around the world. And because of its buying power, they are able to negotiate for freight allowances and other cost savings benefits.

“We’re always looking for alternative ways to save costs for our customers,” said Geri Maxwell, a TricorBraun Branch Manager who oversees the Philosophy account. “I push my team every day to find innovative ways to deliver awesome service.”

And awesome service is why Brode has decided she no longer needs to rationalize the relationship.

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Philosophy, Inc.

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