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Personal Care: Salon Selectives

Reconditioning an Iconic Brand

Salon Selectives, once a star brand for Helene Curtis, disappeared from store shelves in 2004. However, a savvy group of industry experts knew the brand, if properly reintroduced, could once again be a hit with consumers. In this business, timing is everything.

It isn’t enough to repackage an old brand

Because Salon Selectives had such a loyal core audience, TricorBraun’s packaging had to connect with the past while positioning the product to appeal to a wider audience.

Mixing it up to meet consumer demand

TricorBraun was responsible for the packaging for six of the new Salon Selectives products, including a curl energizer foam, molding wax, root lifting spray and others.

Once the Salon Selectives® brand was acquired… the new company, Selective Beauty Brands, had only eight months to prepare for a relaunch.

“If we were going to be successful, we had to make a big splash right up front,” said Anne West, vice president of marketing for Selective Beauty Brands. “That’s when we turned to TricorBraun. We trusted them to help us reintroduce the brand to the world.”

Total Turnkey Solutions

TricorBraun handled the brand’s six styling aid products, which consisted of 24 different components. From pumps, sprayers, actuators and caps to bottles, jars and lids, everything had to be quickly available and work together. In addition, TricorBraun provided the labels, label application, cartons, cards and blister packs.

“Our partners at TricorBraun pulled together all the options and got us samples very quickly,” West said. “They were incredibly responsive in helping us figure out what packaging would meet our needs and what we could get in our timeframe. And they worked very closely with us to test the different packaging.”

A project of this magnitude and with such a compressed schedule is never without its challenges.

According to West, however, TricorBraun was very proactive and when issues arose they were prepared with multiple alternatives to solve the problem.

Speed to Market

“With our time constraints, we chose to use stock products,” said Terri Sheppard, C.P.P., TricorBraun, “but that didn’t mean we couldn’t find options that fit the brand. We located great components with short lead times and had all packages ready by October.”

A compressed timetable doesn’t mean any important steps were skipped. Obviously, a company can’t afford to make a mistake at this speed. TricorBraun ensured that each component was precisely color matched and worked closely with Selective Beauty Brands’ R&D professionals to complete packaging tests as the bottles and other components were being produced.

International Sourcing

TricorBraun’s international group, with its vast global network of components manufacturers, helped find a unique sprayer with an extended nozzle for Salon Selectives’ new root lifting spray.

“International components can be a scary topic for an operations manager,” said Sheppard. “They feel they have less control if things go wrong, and in a situation like ours where time is vital, they often think they’ll be slowed down. That just isn’t the case when you partner with TricorBraun.”

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Salon Selectives

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