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Sourcing for Specialty Salsas

For more than 70 years, San Antonio Farms has manufactured a variety of private label salsa, dips and sauces.  Today, the company continues to enjoy tremendous growth by exporting the unique flavors of its namesake city to the rest of the country.

Specialty Sourcing

TricorBraun excels at sourcing specialty packaging options. This is one of the reasons San Antonio Farms has partnered with the company for a number of years on a variety of product launches and packaging projects.

Two such specialty projects involved different expectations but both were easily handled by TricorBraun. The first project was the introduction of a proprietary 48 oz. bottle for club stores.

"We wanted a 48-ounce, hot-fill polypropylene bottle with EVOH barrier for freshness," said Darryl Bilderback, Director of Corporate Purchasing for San Antonio Farms. "No one was producing this type of container in the size we needed, so I turned to TricorBraun, and they made it for us."

Another project that required specialty sourcing involved the introduction of a gourmet organic salsa line. San Antonio Farms wanted to use a Mason jar, but the price would be twice that of their standard glass jars. TricorBraun found the perfect jar from another one of its customers and arranged for its use by San Antonio Farms.

"The value of TricorBraun," said Bilderback, "is that they have sourcing partners throughout the world, so if you don't know where to get something, they're a great source for finding options."

"If you want to launch a product in a short period of time, TricorBraun is a valuable partner." - Darryl Bilderback


Cost Savings

San Antonio Farms relies on TricorBraun to continue to help reduce its packaging costs with every new product launch.

"TricorBraun acts as the liaison between me and other vendors," said Bilderback. "They negotiate mold costs, timing, prices per piece, amortization rates and everything else that affects a project's total price."

Because of TricorBraun's connections and expertise, Bilderback believes they are an excellent option for smaller companies that lack their own resources and buying power.

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San Antonio Farms

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