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Date: June 01, 2017

TricorBraun Commits To Major Recruiting Effort; Packaging Solutions Leader Seeks To Evolve Sales Perceptions

Suzanne Fenton, Vice President, Brand Marketing | 314-983-2010

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St. Louis, Missouri – June 1, 2017 – TricorBraun has undertaken an aggressive new program to hire employees — especially people who might be interested in sales, according to Keith Strope, President and CEO, of TricorBraun.

“We see tremendous growth opportunity in the packaging industry,” said Strope. “For our organization, organic growth is an important goal and we are making the important investments that will allow us to achieve that growth.”

TricorBraun uses the term ‘packaging consultants.’ And with good reason: The sales function at TricorBraun isn’t so much about ‘selling,’ as it is about helping customers develop and manage the perfect solution for their business.

“Many people think sales is a dirty word,” said Mike Schott, Vice President of Human Resources at TricorBraun. “But when they learn that at TricorBraun, ‘sales’ is more about helping people and forming deep, lifelong relationships, they usually change their minds.”

Schott said that while the company does more than a billion dollars in sales annually, it works hard to maintain a smaller ‘feel.’ “This is family — you can stay here all your life doing one job you love. You can also move up in a department, or move from department to department,” he said.

TricorBraun currently has more than 125 working packaging consultants plus numerous recent additions of experienced sales executives. Additionally, Strope said the company is looking to grow its sales professionals to more than 150 by launching a program to hire and train early-career packaging sales professionals.

“Our recruiting push is both a big investment and big improvement to our business,” said Strope. “It’s good for our customers and suppliers—with more packaging consultants available to work with customers, we can deliver more value to help them grow. Suppliers benefit as well, as it ensures our continued growth together.”

“Our recruiting effort is strategically intended to maintain momentum well into the future,” said Strope. “To do that, we are committed to bringing smart, dedicated people into the packaging industry so that knowledge is carried on.”

“This can be a great, lifelong career for the right person,” said Strope.   


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