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Date: July 18, 2017

Helping Brand Owners Navigate The Packaging Material Selection Maze

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Oak Brook, Ill., July 18, 2017 – Rigid packaging leader TricorBraun today released a new report addressing challenges faced by brand owners when it comes to selecting the right packaging materials. The white paper outlines how brand owners can identify the right packaging materials to balance brand requirements and consumer preferences with packaging content to mitigate risk, extend shelf life and avoid higher costs.

In the white paper, “Material Selection Matters” TricorBraun outlines the four key considerations for material selection in primary packaging, specifically custom rigid packaging:

  1. Stability and Compatibility
  2. Operational Requirements
  3. Commercial Goals
  4. The Consumer Experience

“Material selection is a tricky and complex maze, but it’s incredibly important,” said Matt Ramsdell, vice president of design and engineering at TricorBraun and the white paper author. “Brand owners need to take a critical look at the materials they select, otherwise they are putting their brand and company at risk. Choose the wrong materials and it can impact a company’s entire supply chain, potentially resulting in product delays and higher costs. The wrong material selection impedes a brand’s ability to deliver products, and risks losing the consumer forever.”

Download a complimentary copy of TricorBraun’s white paper, “Material Selection Matters.”


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