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Date: September 24, 2015

TricorBraun University’s Online Videos Detail the Full Range of Plastic Molding Processes


Suzanne Fenton 
Vice President, Brand Marketing


For Immediate Release

St. Louis, MO – TricorBraun University, a website-based packaging education center, embodies this leading package development company’s commitment to the principle that education is the pathway to innovation. The University includes white papers, a dictionary of packaging terms, a description of the different packaging formats, a checklist of ten factors that are critical in package design, technical information and a video library.

Prominent in that library is a video animating in detail how the three methods of molding plastic containers take place, information that is critical in choosing which is appropriate for a new package. Visitors can view each process, stop at any time to focus on a single step, and become more familiar with each of the processes. This will then help them understand which one will most efficiently produce the package they are planning.  Three videos are available that focus specifically on each process: extrusion blow molding, injection blow molding and stretch blow molding operations.

“Videos are much more effective in explaining these processes simply and clearly than any text would be,” says Keith Strope, TricorBraun chief executive officer. “They break each form of molding down into distinct successive steps, making them very easy to understand.”

The plastic molding video can be accessed at TricorBraun University using the following link:



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