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Date: December 22, 2016

TricorBraun Awards Weener Plastics Inc., 2016 Development Partner of the Year

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OAK BROOK, Illinois – TricorBraun Design & Engineering Group has chosen Weener Plastics Inc. U.S. as the winner of the 2016 Development Partner of the Year Award. The partner was selected based upon a defined criteria and most importantly because of their proven ability to provide superior support and engagement for the successful outcome of one or more highly complex custom package design projects. Mark Muller, Vice President Plastic Engineering, Molding and Development, TricorBraun, describes the partnership this way, “They are in the trenches with us – not your typical vendor by any stretch. To be honest, we aren’t looking for the cheapest, we are looking for the best partner who will work closely with us to ensure successful commercialization every time.”

Weener is proudly named after a village in Germany and in 2006, this injection molder wanted to penetrate the U.S. market so they did their research and landed on TricorBraun. According to Ryan Gladieux, President, Weener Plastics Inc. U.S., “My understanding is that after meeting in person, senior leadership at Weener was impressed with TricorBraun’s integrity and felt confident that this was a well-aligned partnership based upon common values. In 2015, Gladieux joined Weener in the US with the strategic growth objective of doubling sales by 2020. The loyalty within this partnership has helped to unlock the value that we can bring and has assisted in providing the roadmap to achieving this sales goal.”

Gladieux goes on to explain,

“The team at TricorBraun embraces new ideas and innovations. They have a curiosity and a level of trust that we appreciate and respect. We are like-minded in terms of leading the packaging world by thinking beyond pallets and boxes to less material to achieve sustainability and also thinking through new and innovative ideas.” According to Gladieux, TricorBraun and Weener have worked together on a variety of projects and trending areas of focus such as sustainable solutions, PCR and other alternatives that could easily become mega trends in the near future. One such effort has led to a first-of-its-kind, hinged closure. And with in-mold closings and fast cycle times at Weener, Gladieux feels that the hinged caps will be affordable. 

“I see our success due in large part to two things: German engineering and the exclusive distribution partnership that we have in place with TricorBraun,” says Gladieux. He goes on to explain that while Weener is small, “We remain focused on our power alley. This includes bi-injection, hinged closures, liners, silicone valves and PCR components with short lead times and mid-tier volume requirements.”

According to Becky Donner, Senior Vice President of Design & Engineering, TricorBraun, “Our development partner program focuses on gaining a better understanding of the ‘power alley’ or as we call it, the ‘sweet spot’ of vendors with whom we engage. Our focus is on successful commercialization and execution, and to minimize risk, we partner with people and organizations who help us get there – partners who have proven expertise and high standards much like our own.” Donner continues, “The more our partner can understand what we bring in terms of capabilities and platforms, the more insight they will have in terms of how to best leverage us and our skills.”

According to Matt Ramsdell, VP of Design & Engineering, TricorBraun, “Weener has repeatedly complemented our team’s skills and talents. They work with us in close collaboration and continually help us to help our customers achieve successful commercialization by not only satisfying defined success criteria but also by meeting the identified brand objectives with a focus on speed to market.” In addition, Ramsdell explains, “They are an extension of our team, taking ownership of project management, managing communication and pushing platforms and technology to the limit and/or considering new ones as needed. They also provide necessary samples and analytics for all production trials. It’s really an ideal partnership.”

TricorBraun Design & Engineering Group is a business unit of TricorBraun, one of North America’s leading providers of rigid, corrugated and flexible packaging. Our team’s primary mission is to design, engineer and manage the development, production and commercialization of custom packaging solutions for personal care, cosmetics, healthcare, food and beverage, industrial household chemical and animal health products. It is supported by TricorBraun’s more than 40 offices globally, holding one of the largest inventories of rigid packaging components worldwide.

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