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Date: September 26, 2014

Packaging World Features TricorBraun Design & Engineering's Eufora Packaging Redesign

(Re)designing with a purpose

As part of the extensive realignment of its existing product lines, Eufora redesigned its packaging with the help of TricorBraun Design & Engineering, creating a sophisticated new structure that provides a fresh, new look for the brand while capitalizing on its established brand equity.

Distinctive but familiar design
In late April 2013, Eufora began its collaboration with TricorBraun, with Bewley and Eufora Design Director Derek Hutcheson working closely with the TricorBraun team to create a unique new bottle structure. Eufora’s existing, custom package was a square, white, high-density polyethylene bottle with soft corners, decorated with a pressure-sensitive label that wrapped around two sides of the package. The bottle was topped with a custom closure, molded with Eufora’s trademark leaf logo.

Eufora’s directive to TricorBraun was to create a package that would be distinctive from its existing bottle, yet not so different that it no longer looked like a Eufora product. The products are sold via distribution to salons, which use the product in-house as well marketing it to customers, so it was critical that both stylists and customers recognize that the new Performance Promise collections were part of the Eufora brand.

“The project began as a custom design for a bottle for hair care products,” relates TricorBraun Industrial Designer Samantha Juna. “We knew the customer was currently in a square bottle and was looking for a new and exciting package to differentiate it from competitive products. Yet, from our initial meetings, we also learned they wanted to be cautious about swaying too far from their original look since it was very recognizable to their consumer. They felt that an evolutionary - versus revolutionary - shape would be more appropriate.”

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