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TricorBraun is an active member of the PackHub, Sustainable Packaging Coalition, and participates in Ecovadis

Member of Sustainable Packaging Coalition

It’s important to look at sustainable opportunities via materials and processes. Our commitment is broader. Our priority is to understand the requirements of the product and recommend a material structure that ensures shelf stability, durability, compatibility, and preserves the aesthetic and functional integrity – from development to delivery at the consumer’s home. Regardless of the materials used, a package that fails to protect and preserve the product fails the consumer. The package is disposed of sooner—or may not even make it to the consumer in shipping—making it the least sustainable solution ever.

Once the primary packaging development needs are met, we can look at many ways to address your goals through sustainable packaging solutions.

As you start to think about how to incorporate more sustainability into your products, it’s important to have a packaging partner with the expertise to guide you through that process, wherever you may be in your journey. TricorBraun can help.

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Creating Sustainable Packaging From the Ground Up

Whether you’re just getting started or looking to repackage an existing product line, considering sustainability adds bottom-line value to your brand, your business, and our planet.


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