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How tall is this blue 1 oz boston round?
This 1 oz Boston round (011310) is 3 inches tall. Label height is 2 inches. For additional questions, please reach out to our Customer... Read More
How much do these 375ml long neck bottles weight?
SKU 145473 has a weight of 1.08 lbs or 12.46 lbs per case. Please reach out to our Customer Support team at ... Read More
What is .333 drams in ounces?
Our .333 dram glass vial (136703) is equivalent to .02 ounces. Please reach out to our Customer Support team at if you have futher questions.  Read More
Does this 750ml oval liquor bottle have an overflow capacity?
The overflow capacity for our 750ml glass oval spirit bottle (067924) is 785ml or 35 additional milliliters. Read More
What corks or closures do you recommend for this bottle?
Hi Stan. For our 750ml clear glass oval spirit bottle (067924) we recommend either 018819 and 140250. Here is a ... Read More
Where does this carboy ship out of?
Thank you for the question Amy. All of our carboys (015496, 015511, 015517 and 101483) ship out of Atlanta GA.  Read More
Are these freezer safe or do you have any freezer safe glass jars?
Flint glass, or soda-lime glass, is generally not considered safe for freezing as it may break due to rapid temperature changes. Glass can be prone to shattering when exposed to extreme cold. For freezer storage, it is recommended to use glassware labeled... Read More
What other corks fit these bottles?
SKU- 042461, the #8 cork is currently the only cork that fits with this bottle.  Read More
What size shrink bands do you recommend?
SKU- 033925 would be the best option for SKU- ... Read More
Can you use the 2 oz glass jar for candles?
Yes, these 2oz jars can be used for candles. For additional questions, or to request a sample to test this jar please reach out to our Customer Support team at Read More
How can we request a sample?
Yes, please reach out to our Customer Support Team at for more information about our sampling process. All in-stock items can be sampled via our website. For special- order... Read More
What are the dimensions of the Jar?
The dimensions are- 1.99 inches in height and 2.64 inches in diameter. It has a neck finish of 70-450 and the volume/overflow is 4.18 fluid oz. If you need a spec sheet, please email our Customer Support team at Read More
Can you hot seal theses for canning?
We don't recommend this bottle for canning. This is typically used for decanting. If you're interested in samples to test this bottle to your specific use, please reach out to our Customer Support team at ... Read More
Hi! Do these jugs have a blue tint to the glass or are the perfectly clear with no color?
This jug is made out of Type 3 soda lime glass, which has some flint. Note: Flint glass can have a tint to the product that may vary based on the iron oxide content during the manufacture production. Read More
What are the dimensions of the bottle and the opening? The diagram with the measurements are too small to make out. Thanks!
The dimensions of this carboy are 273mm in width and 556mm in height. The opening is 30mm wide, and the width of the top is 56mm. For more information, include a spec sheet for your records, please email our Customer Support team at online@tricorbraun... Read More
Interested in the 4 or glass low profile jars and the lids that are recommend for them. Are they food grade and lids are suitable for sealing? How many in a case?
SKU- 132990 comes in a case pack of 12 jars/case. This jar is made of glass that is food grade. We have three closure options (SKU- ... Read More
What is the proper size cap or stopper for this bottle?
A 19.5mm-19.6mm cork would work best for a liquor bottle with a 18.5mm opening. For a full list of our in-stock corks that fit, please click ... Read More
Hello. What is the min order quantity for this item?
To provide the best possible pricing and delivery options we require a minimum order starting at $500 or more for special orders. There may be an additional minimum based on piece count. For the most up to date information, please reach out to our Sales... Read More
Would it be possible to get a diagram of this bottle with the full measurements? We're looking finding a new supplier. Our current bottle is the Futura Euro. Thank you!!!
Please reach out to our Customer Support team at for a spec sheet.  Read More
Are the bottles made in the USA?
The country of origin for these bottles are India. For more information on these, or any of our products sold online, please reach out to our Customer Support team at Read More

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