• Product 1
    Cap it with style

    Closures are available in a huge array of colors and materials and offer broad decorating options but their ability to protect the product is always job #1.

  • Product 2
    Closing the deal

    Closures ensure that your package is safe and suitable to transport, store, display and dispense while keeping the product fresh.

A Make It Or Break It Deal

The type of closure on any container can easily make or break the performance of that package. And while its basic function is to properly seal the container, the closure actually does much more. With the right closure and liner combination, a package is resistant to breakage, leakage, shipping and storage issues while maintaining freshness, flavor, odor control, product safety and more.

Functionality Matters

Far from being just a decorative extra, closures have become a major design and functionality feature of modern packaging. Made with exacting precision to protect the package’s contents, closures also provide evidence of tamper-resistance, child safety features and dispensing functionality. Designed to fit the top – or “finish” – of the container, creating a closure system for a specific material, thread style and other fitments is a science that requires expertise and resources to perfect.

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