Glass Bottles & Jars

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    Glass bottles and jars are a beautiful, sustainable and classic choice

    From food and beverage to cosmetics to pharmaceutical, packaging in glass bottles and jars adds value, beauty and shelf appeal to your product.

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    Innovative glass packaging solutions

    With a multitude of color, shape and decorating possibilities, packaging your product in glass bottles and jars allows you to make a huge impact on the retail shelf. More >

A History of Success

For millennia, glass has been the gold standard in packaging. Durable, non-porous, infinitely recyclable, heat tolerant and made from abundant raw materials, glass offers the unique combination of superior performance, versatility and beauty. 

A Universal Package

Glass has extraordinary product compatibility, a rainbow of color choices, a multitude of design options and an intrinsic value perception. Because of this flexibility, glass lends itself to packaging applications that range from cosmetics to pharmaceutical to food and beverage. With high shelf appeal and wide decorating possibilities, packaging your product in glass projects an indelible image of quality and substance.

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