Sprayers & Dispensers

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    Enhance Your Delivery

    Choose an innovative sprayer or dispensing closure to increase consumer convenience, improve aesthetic appeal and provide reliable, measured product delivery.

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    Outstanding product performance

    From perfumes to hair spray to gardening products, sprayers and dispensers provide an opportunity to enhance your package and differentiate your product.

Superior Product Delivery

Pumps, sprayers and dispensers are a crucial factor in the delivery of products ranging from fragrances to pharmaceuticals to food products. Whether a fine mist sprayer or a high-viscosity pump, the multiple-part, multiple-resin, precision characteristics of these dispensing closures require careful planning in the early stages of the packaging process.

The Marriage of Form and Function

Easy, one-handed use, neatness and contamination control are some of the primary reasons for choosing dispensing closures. But the actual performance of pumps, sprayers and dispensers depend heavily on container compatibility and quality measurements such as priming, delivery rate and shipping seal integrity. With skillful design, performance testing and the careful selection of trusted vendors, this versatile product delivery device can make a big difference at market.

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