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Date: February 26, 2010

TricorBraun Supplies New Cooking Spray Packaging

by TricorBraun Administrator
Cooking oil took a green step forward when B.O.V. Solutions launched the Continuous Spray Dispensing System and eliminated the gas propellants traditionally found in aerosol food preparation sprays.


Distributed by TricorBraun and manufactured by B.O.V. Solutions in partnership with Lindal Group, the Oil Only™ Spray System is capable of dispensing 100% pure cooking oil as a spray, stream or a drip.

The system employs a special valve system and a unique actuator that atomizes pure oil without additives. It dispenses cooking oil and similar oil using a system that is reliant upon air rather than propellants. It offers cooks pure oil—possibly with some flavorings—and it is packaged in a four-layer pouch that eliminates oxidation and extends the oil’s shelf life.

TricorBraun ( is one of the world’s leading suppliers of packaging. It has 34 offices in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Asia.

B.O.V. Solutions, located in Lecanto, Fla., is recognized as the pioneer and promoter of bag-on-valve continuous spray technology.

The Lindal Group is an international manufacturer of valves, actuators and spray caps for various aerosol products.

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EDITOR’S NOTES: TricorBraun is headquartered 10330 Old Olive St. Rd., St. Louis, Missouri 63141-7808, TEL: (314) 569-3633. For additional background information, check the company web site at or email us at using our online contact form.

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