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Date: July 02, 2015

White Paper on Bringing Innovations to Market by TricorBraun’s Chief Creative Officer Is Available on the TricorBraun Web Site

For Immediate Release

St. Louis MO – “It Takes a Multi-Player Team to Bring Innovations to Market” is a white paper written by TricorBraun Executive Vice President and Chief Creative Officer Craig Sawicki. It details this leading packaging development company’s approach to nurturing innovative package designs to make them commercially successful. The paper can be read at the TricorBraun web site by accessing this link:

The main thrust of the paper is that, while packaging thrives on innovation, an innovative package design alone will not ensure commercial success. That will require the collaboration of packaging engineers, quality assurance specialists and market research analysts. Can the package be cost-effectively manufactured? Can it be filled at efficient production speeds? Is there a market demand for it? Will the design get the product to market quickly? Those critical questions must be addressed.

The paper includes three examples of a variety of innovations the company has commercialized. As a full-spectrum developer of packaging, TricorBraun has the expertise and experience to shepherd its own innovations through the development process to commercial success. It also proactively seeks out innovations in the broader packaging industry that it can develop in collaboration with the designer.

TricorBraun ( helps bring customers’ new and existing products to market efficiently as one of the packaging industry’s largest suppliers of glass and plastic containers, closures, dispensers and tubes from over 40 locations throughout North America and internationally from London, England: Guangzhou, China; Hong Kong, and Mumbai, India.  The award-winning Design & Innovation center gives our customers forward-thinking service based on consumer insight, understanding of the markets and creative solutions. In addition, advisory services range from preliminary planning, manufacturing oversight to an array of innovative warehousing and logistics programs.


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