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Date: July 05, 2011

TricorBraun Designs Indio Spirits Whisky Bottle

by Michael L. Drohlich


Indio Spirits needed two custom-manufactured bottles to complete its Snake River Stampede Whisky beverage line.

The Portland-based company used TricorBraun’s Design and Engineering Department to create 1.75-L and 375-ml bottles.

Indio Spirits, which marketed Snake River Stampede Whisky in a 750-ml bottle, wanted to extend its beverage line; however, it could not find bottles with a family resemblance to its existing whisky bottle.

TricorBraun Design and Engineering created new bottles that maintained the appearance of Indio’s existing 750-ml bottle and it added an improved pinch handle to the 1.75-L bottle. The new handle is located closer to the top of the bottle, which makes it easier to pour than other whisky bottles. The width of the handle also has been made narrow which makes it easier to use for individuals with smaller hands.

The 375-ml bottle is a scaled-down version of the 750-ml bottle.

The Design and Engineering department, coordinated with TricorBraun’s international locations, to assure Indio received precisely what it ordered. The new bottles, called the Aneas, are made with flint glass and feature a bourbon neck. They have bar-top finishes.

Indio Spirits was founded in 2004 and in 2006 introduced Snake River Stampede, an 8-year old Canadian whisky.

TricorBraun, ( has over 40 locations in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Asia and is one of the world’s leading suppliers of rigid packaging. The company’s primary focus is on packaging for personal care; cosmetics; healthcare; food and beverages; as well as industrial and household chemicals.

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