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Date: October 26, 2011

TricorBraun Redesigns Sevin Pesticide Bottles

by Michael L. Drohlich


TricorBraun Design and Engineering created 16-ounce and 32-ounce, squeeze-and- measure bottles for Sevin Concentrate Bug Killer, a home and garden insecticide that won the 2011 National Association of Container Distributor’s Gold Medal for the Household and Chemical Division as well as a WorldStar award, an international recognition reserved for packages that have already won in a national competition.

TricorBraun Design and Engineering is part of TricorBraun, one of the world’s leading providers of glass and plastic bottles, jars, tubes, closures and related items.

To command shelf presence in high-traffic lawn and garden departments, the bright red bottles of the Sevin line were designed with multiple, sloping side-panels that display pressure sensitive, foil labels printed in corresponding shapes.

The bottles were designed to avoid product contact with the consumer. Using proven technology, TricorBraun Design was able to create a custom bottle that focused on the placement of a divider plug into a measuring chamber to assure the proper amount of pesticide remains safely in place until it is poured into a sprayer.

A view stripe allows the consumer to see the remaining quantity of concentrate in the container and the measuring space.

The designers were also challenged to assure the uniquely-shaped bottles could be accommodated by high-speed filling lines. The neck finish was changed to 28-400 mm and a 28-mm child-resistant, polypropylene closure was used on the redesigned bottle.

TricorBraun ( has more than 40 locations in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Asia. The company’s primary focus is on packaging for personal care; cosmetics; healthcare; food and beverages; as well as industrial and household chemicals. Sevin is sold by GardenTech which markets lawn and garden pesticide products to the U.S. consumer market. The company is based in Lexington, Ky.

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