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Date: November 01, 2011

TricorBraun Design and Engineering Wins Design Award

by Michael L. Drohlich

An American Graphic Design Award has been presented to TricorBraun Design and Engineering for its work in the development of Winnie the Pooh Baby Care products, a recently-launched line of natural, infant toiletries including shampoo, wash and lotion.



The product line’s bottles were set apart by closures made with custom colors: yellow, green and lavender that showcased the label. In-mold labeling provided durable product identification as well as a distinctive shelf presence. The full-line used a single, HDPE, 15-ounce, oval bottle with a pinched waist. Disc-type dispensing closures are used on the shampoo while pumps are used for the lotion and wash bottles.

American Graphic Design Awards have been presented for almost 50 years and are one of the industry’s most sought-after recognitions.

The competition is open to all businesses associated with design such as advertising agencies, graphic design firms, website developers and publishers. The scope of design work is also wide-ranging. More than 8,000 entries were received this year for advertising, packaging, logos, internet design and broadcast.

TricorBraun is one of the world’s leading suppliers of rigid packaging. It has more than 40 locations in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Asia. The company’s primary focus is on packaging for personal care; cosmetics; healthcare; food and beverages; as well as industrial and household chemicals.

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