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Date: November 24, 2010

TricorBraun Provides Options Plus

by TricorBraun Administrator
Today, TricorBraun announced the launch of their new “Options Plus” brand campaign. One reason TricorBraun has become the leading supplier of rigid packaging in North America is their ability to offer customers an impressive array of options to meet their packaging needs. Their extensive library of stock and custom molds, their excellent relationships with the top packaging and component manufactures in the world and their ability to offer superior logistics and management assistance have made them the ultimate “one-stop-shop” when it comes to packaging.

“While this is a nice place to be,” in the words of CEO, Keith Strope, “we’re ready to go to the next level.”

“About 14 months ago we started an intense evaluation of our business to determine where our success has truly come from and to see what we could or should do to insure we maintain the path we’re on. We weren’t surprised to find it’s our people–their knowledge, dedication, integrity and strong work ethic–that are our biggest asset and the real reason we are where we are today.”

TricorBraun’s new “Options Plus” campaign focuses not on the products they supply but the services they provide. An award-winning design and engineering group is available to make sure packaging satisfies both the aesthetic and functional requirements of a brand. Their global services are not just a few made phone calls. Offices in Guangzhou and Hong Kong provide day-to-day support and ensure the highest quality, making sure projects are completed on time and on budget. TricorBraun personnel have unsurpassed industry experience and knowledge that is available to all customers. It is the human option that is the plus.

TricorBraun ( is one of the world’s leading suppliers of packaging. It has more than 40 offices in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Asia.

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