• Claret
    Bottle Types: Claret

    Because claret wines are so varied, our inventory of bottles to protect and store them is, too. No matter which varietal you're bottling, we have the sizes, colors and styles you need.

Bringing Variety to the Table

“Claret” is an ancient nickname that the British gave to wines from the Bordeaux region in France. And while the word has strayed from its origins, it still refers to a range of wonderful, smooth, medium bodied red wines and blends including Cabernet Sauvignons, Merlots, Cabernet Francs, Malbecs and Petit Verdot. It is because of this variety that the bottles we stock to protect and store claret wines are so diverse. Ranging in size from 750 ml to 6 liters with colors that cross the spectrum from completely clear to oxidation-inhibiting dark green, you can easily find what you need at the best prices.

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