Pails, Drums & Tubs

Good things come in big packages

Tubs and pails are designed to be safe, recyclable, flexible and convenient for large quantity products that need solid protection.

Packaging Products With Safety in Mind

Products that require oxygen, moisture, odor and chemical barriers can be packaged safely in tubs and pails.

Storage Made Simple

When a product is packaged in large quantities for use in industrial, food service or retail settings, tubs and pails are the industry standard. Whether shipping, storing, transporting or dispensing, plastic tubs and pails are designed for safety, economy and the protection of the product.

Safety and Sustainability

Tubs and pails are shatter resistant, recyclable and can be designed to accommodate many types of dispensing options. And by adding barrier treatments to prevent oxygen, moisture, odor and taste alterations, these containers are ideal for a broad spectrum of products.

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Plastic tub packaging provides a safe, recyclable, and convenient way to bulk products of nearly any kind. We offer a range of plastic tub, pail and drum packaging options. Contact us today to speak to a TricorBraun team member to learn more!

Case Study

A Brand Makeover In An Industry Where Image Is Everything

Conditioning Relaxer is a best-selling salon product, but even though it has been a big seller for many years, the packaging needed a makeover.

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