Wine Bottles

Fine Wines Deserve The Best Packaging

Designing a bottle for wine is a unique process because the color, shape, closure and decorating choices must not only protect your wine, they must represent your brand.

Balancing Innovation and Tradition

New innovations in wine bottle packaging and access to global sources allow you to build the perfect glass bottle for your wine.

Packaging Worthy of Fine Wines

Wine bottles are a very special form of packaging. To preserve and protect a wine’s unique qualities, a bottle must be durable and provide failsafe barriers against oxygen, heat and humidity. But to showcase the character and personality of a wine, the bottle must also be beautiful to achieve that. TricorBraun allows you to employ special decorating processes, creative labeling, appropriate colorants and perhaps even a distinctive shape, punt or cartouche.

A World of Choices

By sourcing glass from both the domestic and global marketplaces, you can find stock empty wine bottles in traditional colors, volumes, weights and shapes plus more recent innovations including lightweight, sustainable eco-bottles. From sturdy, thick bottles designed for Champagnes and sparkling wines to the clear, high shouldered Bordeaux bottle, sourcing the perfect glass for your wine cannot be overstated.

Types of Wine Bottles, Containers & Closures

Assortment of Wine Bottle Features

  • Color options including completely clear glass, green glass like antique green and champagne green, and more
  • Sizes ranging from 750 ml to 6 liters
  • Traditional and unique shapes

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