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You’re looking for extraordinary packaging that will make your brand stand out in a crowded marketplace. Good. You’re in the right place. Our innovative process guides your packaging decisions from napkin sketch all the way to the retail shelf. Don’t need that much help? No problem. We can help you with any part of your packaging journey. Let’s get started.


Understanding your objectives, expectations, category, product, brand and business allows us to develop the best rigid packaging solution for you. In a complimentary Design Brief Meeting, we’ll ask all the questions we need to clearly understand the project parameters, define the deliverables and establish the criteria for your success.

Next, we gather information to gain the knowledge required to be successful. We are huge fans of research. First, we will do a market and category analysis and a thorough evaluation of your competition. If you’ve already done research, we’d love you to share it. And if you would like to see more research, we can help with that as well. We work with some of the top people in the industry who can perform the primary, secondary, qualitative or quantitative research to whatever extent your budget allows.

Informed decisions are always best. This first phase establishes the parameters of the project and yields the information needed to make the right packaging decisions.

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Insight is more than knowledge. It is recognizing the motivational forces behind actions, thoughts and behaviors. It is the distillation of facts into the understanding of the emotional aspects of choice. Simply put, it’s peeking into the mind of your consumer and figuring out what they will respond to.

We arrive at these insights by carefully analyzing the data collected in the research phase and translating that data into emotional expressions such as a mood boards and insight reports. In this way, we are able to establish the foundation for the creativity and differentiation needed to make sure your package satisfies your unique requirements.

At this stage, a decision is made regarding custom or stock packaging solutions. If your brand is functional and utilitarian, perhaps choosing a standard package from our library of over 80,000 bottles, jars, closures and tubes will work perfectly. For a more unique solution, a one-of-a-kind, custom designed package may be the answer. Regardless of which way you decide to go, the result will be an appropriate and functional package that meets the needs of your product and your consumer.

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Armed with information, insights and a clear idea of your needs, our creative and experienced designers begin to make the magic happen. The emotional appeal of a package and its ability to communicate the brand while inviting the consumer to pick it up is a huge part of the success of any truly innovative packaging solution.

Another key factor is the capacity for that package to actually be manufactured using the materials you require and to have it successfully work on your filling lines. Our extensive knowledge and experience allows us to take all of the requirements into consideration — marketing, manufacturing and operational. At this point, we begin to identify and communicate with potential molders and manufacturers to ensure that what has been designed can be produced within your timeline and budget.

Perfection is a process and we do whatever it takes to be certain your package design clearly represents your brand. Your design is refined and its appeal is tested while making renderings and rapid prototypes. We also make detailed concept drawings to confirm design parameters.

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Package engineering and design validation are the next steps in the process. The objective of product engineering is to refine the selected design direction to be a cost-effective, manufacturable package while maintaining design integrity. 3D modeling and prototyping help significantly with this and our highly skilled engineers are committed to ensuring molds are accurately built. Additional market research can be conducted for proof of concept; market viability studies are also possible.

Manufacturing options with our extensive network of partners will be explored. Having the right company manufacturing your packaging is another key to success. Selected tool builders and packaging manufacturers will be supplied final, approved part drawing and 3D surface files to confirm your package will be manufactured to your specifications and your expectations.

Extensive testing will be done in an effort to ensure smooth production. We will work diligently to be sure any concerns are addressed and your needs are met. Once the mold is placed with a manufacturer, we supervise initial runs of tooling. In addition, supply chain management of all components required for launch can be coordinated seamlessly on your behalf in support of a successful product launch.

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With 40 locations worldwide, our highly creative and experienced professionals have access to a network of over 600 global suppliers and sourcing capabilities that are unrivaled in the industry. From their home bases around the world, our global teams are leveraging the power of TricorBraun’s broad capabilities in engineering, design, customer service, management and logistics to source innovative solutions to address any packaging challenge presented to them, no matter where they have to go to find it.

As we grow, we increase our direct connections throughout the world. This allows us to create an efficient, real time workflow process with our domestic design and engineering facilities as well as the rest of our global teams stretching from Mexico to Europe to India to China. And with our global teams working directly with their local manufacturers and suppliers, they can ensure impeccable quality control, logistics management, price efficiencies and flexibility on your behalf.

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Packaging logistics is the art and science of getting your components where you need them, when you need them, in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. Through long experience and a deep knowledge of industry processes and developments, TricorBraun has the knowledge and resources necessary to manage your logistics precisely and reliably.

With warehouse locations nationwide, weʼre always nearby. Our Strategic Inventory Management System keeps close track of packaging inventory levels which enables us to provide components on a just-in-time basis, allowing you to purchase wisely.

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At TricorBraun, Supply Chain Management includes everything from inventory management to distribution management, supplier management, transportation and customer service. With our extensive capabilities, relationships, resources and experience, we can help you manage every aspect of getting your packaging designed, produced, delivered, filled and distributed.

Plus, to make sure you have real-time visibility on the status of your products, we offer a state-of-the-art, cloud-based management system that provides access to up-to-the-minute information about your order. From online purchase order management to improved shipment planning, execution and management of all aspects of product delivery, this strategic tool gives you all the control you need.

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