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There’s No Substitute For Experience

TricorBraun’s award-winning Design & Engineering group is committed to creating packaging that solves your problems, meets your needs and improves your bottom line. Our team of highly skilled and exceptionally experienced mold engineers, structural packaging engineers, graphic designers, industrial designers, manufacturing process engineers, quality control technicians, test-marketers and materials specialists bring a comprehensive knowledge of what’s possible – and a big dose of curiosity about the “impossible” – to the process of creating your packaging from the ground up.

Our Innovative Process Defines Your Success

Our design team is filled with excellent listeners who have a passion for creating truly effective, innovative packaging. To begin the process of building that packaging, we start with research including brand and category insights, competitive analysis, an intense look at the retail merchandising environment and an investigation into new ideas and methods in the global marketplace. Next, in the design phase, we use that research to create initial designs and rapid prototypes while sourcing suppliers before moving into the product engineering phase. That’s when we validate the design, test the prototype tooling and ensure manufacturing line compatibility. To complete the process, we finalize tooling and manage logistics, quality assurance and supply chain protocols at the highest level of competency in the industry.

Our Expanded Capabilities Elevate Your Packaging

At every stage of the packaging design process, our expert team is leveraging our expanded capabilities to ensure that your packaging meets your requirements and exceeds your expectations. Those enhanced resources include a contemporary video conferencing system that allows customers and manufacturers to be directly involved in the creative process, fully integrated on site marketing research and testing facilities to gather pre-launch consumer insights and feedback and upgraded design hardware and software for enhanced modeling capabilities.


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Design & Engineering
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