TricorBraun University

Education Is The Path To Innovation

With over a century in the packaging business and highly experienced employees working in more than 40 locations worldwide, TricorBraun and members of its team possess a level of knowledge about packaging that is unsurpassed in the industry. We are committed to sharing that knowledge in an effort to encourage growth, innovation and a cooperative spirit among those who are passionate about the design, engineering, sourcing, production and distribution of rigid packaging. To that end, we publish case studies, white papers and videos to detail successful designs and host helpful tools to assist in the planning of your own successful packaging. We believe that raising the bar in packaging benefits us all. Now let’s go create something amazing! 

  • White Papers

    Learn about the latest packaging technologies.


  • Consumer Insights

    New information from consumers!


  • Packaging Checklist

    Ten factors that will help you refine your packaging.


  • Properties of Packaging

    The benefits of different types of packaging.


  • Torque Guidelines

    Definition: Torque is rotational force applied during application or removal of a closure from a bottle


  • Powder Capacities for HDPE Containers

    Helpful charts to determine powder capacities for HDPE Containers


  • Packaging Terms

    Like all industries, the packaging industry has a language of its own. Click below to see all terms that begin with a desired letter and find out what it all means!


  • Liquid Conversion

    A measurement and conversion tool to help select your packaging.


  • TBU at a glance

    Check out our helpful infographic to show how TBU can assist in the planning of your own successful packaging.


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