Powder Capacities for HDPE Containers



Powdered products present a unique challenge when it comes to choosing the right container capacity size. Use our handy charts below to determine which container your Protein or Carbohydrate powdered products would fit best.



Gross Weight Container Size
99g (0.218 lbs) 12oz
132g (0.29 lbs) 16oz
165g (0.364 lbs) 20oz
206g (0.454 lbs) 25oz
264g (0.582 lbs) 32oz, l000cc
279g (0.615 lbs) l000cc
297g (0.654 lbs) 36oz
363g (0.8 lbs) 44oz, l500cc
419g (0.923 lbs) 1500cc
454g (l lb) 55oz
495.3g (l.09 lbs) 60oz, 2000cc
558g (l.23 lbs) 2000cc
578g (1.27 lbs) 70oz
595g (l.3l lbs) 72oz
660g (1.45 lbs) 80oz, 2500cc
698g (1.54 lbs) 2500cc
768g (l.69 lbs) 2750cc
825.5g (1.82 lbs) l00oz, 3000cc
838g (l.85 lbs) 3000cc
1.12K (2.46 lbs) 4000cc
l.36K (3 lbs) 1 Gallon
2.27K (5 lbs) 2 Gallon Bullet
2.27K (5 lbs) 2 Gallon Short
2.73K (6 lbs) 2 Gallon Regular




Gross Weight Container Size
218g (0.48 lbs) 12oz
291g (0.64 lbs) 16oz
364g (0.8 lbs) 20oz
454g (1 lb) 25oz
582g (1.28 lbs) 32oz, l000cc
615g (1.36 lbs} l000cc
655g (l.44 lbs} 36oz
800g (l.76 lbs) 44oz, l500cc
922g (2.03 lbs) 1500cc
lK (2.2 lbs) 55oz
1.09K (2.4 lbs) 60oz, 2000cc
1.23K (2.7l lbs) 2000cc
1.27K (2.8 lbs) 70oz
l.31K (2.88 lbs) 72oz
l.46K (3.21 lbs) 80oz, 2500cc
1.54K (3.38 lbs) 2500cc
1.69K (3.72 lbs) 2750cc
1.82K (4 lbs) l00oz, 3000cc
l.85K (4.06 lbs) 3000cc
2.46K (5.41 lbs) 4000cc
2.27K (5 lbs) 1 Gallon
4.09K (9 lbs) 2 Gallon Bullet
4.09K (9 lbs) 2 Gallon Short
4.54K (l0 lbs) 2 Gallon Regular



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