Packaging Checklist

These ten factors will help you select the optimal package for your product.

  1. Choose the material
    Is your product best suited for plastic, glass, or metal?
  2. Select the shape
    Will your customers prefer a round, square, oval or oblong package?
  3. Determine the optimal size
    How many ounces or milliliters do your customers want to purchase at a time?
  4. Pick the color
    Do you want your product to be visible through the package?
  5. Decide on the best method for dispensing your product
    Do you want to pour, spray, or pump?
  6. Select the appropriate closure
    Does your product need to be child resistant or have a tamper-evident feature?
  7. Choose the closure liner
    Does your product need a paper or foam liner? An adhesive or heat seal?
  8. Determine the packaging method
    Do you want your bottles bulk-packed or packed in re-shipper cartons?
  9. Specify any safe-shipping features
    Does your product require a “UN” rated container?
  10. Consider decorating options
    Do you want labels or printing directly on the packaging? How many colors will your artwork have?