Comfort & Protect: Effective Formulas in Home Care

August 04, 2021 | in Industry News

Comfort & Protect: Effective Formulas in Home Care

Comfort & Protect in home care centers around trust.

consumers are loyal to brands that offer complete transparency

In the age of uncertainty around viruses, bacteria, and other harmful germs, consumers want to know the products they are using are effective. A product’s packaging is the first opportunity to visually communicate science-backed claims and reassure consumers of the product’s performance. Features that build trust through safety, offer convenience, and communicate brand transparently with the consumer are key.

Household brands have an opportunity to lead with expertise

Science-Backed Claims

Natural ingredients are still relevant, but they must be equally tough on germs. Claims still need to be backed by science to gain consumers’ trust. Brands are making the communication on their packaging clear that products are not only natural and safe, but also get the job done effectively.

Packaging features to consider

Child-Resistant (CR) Features

Consumers are cleaning more frequently, which means more interaction with potentially harmful products. Childproof features can be leveraged across product types and packaging formats to provide the ultimate security and peace of mind.

CR packaging features to consider

Effortless Application

A clean home provides consumers peace of mind, and products that streamline the cleaning process is a welcome convenience. This way, consumers can go on with their day while the product does all the work.

Effortless packaging features to consider

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