Sustainable Packaging

TricorBraun knows how important sustainability is to your brand and your customers. Learn more about our in-stock sustainable containers, bottles, and jars.


Our paper-based bottles are fully recyclable, with the outer shell crafted from 100% recycled cardboard, and feature an inner liner that utilizes up to 70% less plastic than traditional rigid bottles. These bottles can maintain water resistance for up to 6 hours underwater, reducing environmental impact without compromising functionality.


BioBottles™ offer an eco-friendly alternative for nutraceutical and pharmaceutical packaging due to their proprietary technology. They ensure shelf stability for 5+ years and leave behind no microplastics, all while meeting FDA and food grade compliance standards. Shop our full BioBottles™ category here.

Eco-base Spirits

Our eco-base spirits bottles are lightweighted with less material, reducing your footprint and minimizing supply chain costs without sacrificing quality, aesthetics, or product integrity.

PCR Solutions

Our Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) plastic solutions, sourced from discarded plastic bottles and containers, reduce reliance on fossil fuels and raw materials. By embracing PCR sustainable containers, your brand can minimize its environmental impact and contribute to waste reduction, aligning with consumer values. Shop our full PCR selection here.


PET Flairosol sprayer bottles prioritize sustainability with their reusable, refillable design, airless functionality, and 98% liquid evacuation, significantly reducing waste while extending product freshness. Shop all Flairosol products here.


Biotrē™, TricorBraun Flex's innovative flexible packaging film, is crafted from plant-based, renewable, and compostable sources such as wood pulp and sugar cane.

  • Biotrē™ 1.0 is 60% compostable and 60% plant-based renewable.
  • Biotrē™ 2.0 is 60% compostable, with nearly all plant-based, renewable film layers.
  • Biotrē™ 3.0 is certified compostable (>90%), with majority (~80%) plant-based, renewable film layers.

Each version of Biotrē™ has been tested using ASTM D6868 standards.


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