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Household & Ind Chemical: EcoSmart

As the world leader of safe pesticide solutions, EcoSmart is committed to producing effective and environmentally safe products for its customers. When the packaging on two of their popular products, Organic Insect Killer and Mosquito and Tick Control, began to deteriorate, threatening both the brand image and company profit margins, EcoSmart immediately turned to TricorBraun for help.

The True Challenge

The TricorBraun team had a finite budget and less than six months to create, develop, produce, and market a new package. While assessing the old packaging, they quickly learned both products were leaching through, creating unattractive yellow stains on the bottles, as well as emitting a foul odor. Not only was an immediate resolution crucial for the following season, but necessary in order to ensure national distributors of EcoSmart’s market credibility.

In the pesticide industry, nearly all hose-end spray products are produced with Flourinated HDPE, a substance designed to prevent product permeation. With that in mind, TricorBraun’s Design and Engineering team worked diligently to develop a solution that would both prevent future package deterioration and ensure EcoSmart’s environmental initiatives.

The first step was to move from Flourintated HDPE to PET, a light-weight, impact resistance substance that’s primarily used in the production of recyclable packaging. In the interest of time and finances, the team utilized pre-existing tools and molds to create a state-of-the-art package—the first of its kind in the industry. The innovative design not only significantly reduce EcoSmart’s packaging cost and carbon footprint, it also increased the products’ overall shelf-life. The new and improved technology provided an elevated look and feel in the market, helping to quell any growing concern in regard to package discoloration and permeation among distributors and consumers.

Partners In Packaging

Addressing their challenges in a quick, efficient manner, TricorBraun’s resourceful thinking and collaborative spirit led to a solution that set EcoSmart apart. In the end, the success of this innovative package forever changed the relationship between TricorBraun and EcoSmart.

"We have had a wonderful relationship with TricorBraun. More than just a supplier, we consider them a partner. Besides Jayme’s knowledge of packaging, she has made it a point to understand our product lines and needs. They are able to source what, when and where we need it."

— Mike Lemberg, CFO

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