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B.F. Ascher & Co., Inc.

Personal Care

Personal Care: B.F. Ascher & Co., Inc.

Revitalizing an aging brand

Pretty Feet & Hands is an exfoliating lotion that has been on the market for more than 50 years. Even though the product hasn’t changed, market share had slowly eroded.

Changing consumer perception

Consumers said the bottle looked like something they would find in their grandmother’s medicine chest. Clearly the bottle was important to the purchase decision.

Increasing sales with increased style

After working with TricorBraun to create a custom bottle that is both sleek and modern, sales have increased and this storied brand is making a dramatic comeback.

B.F. Ascher & Co., Inc. is a pharmaceutical manufacturer with more than 50 years of experience in producing consumer healthcare products. In 2004, they wanted to revitalize one of their oldest products, Pretty Feet & Hands.® They turned to TricorBraun for help.

Design Innovation

B.F. Ascher’s first inclination was to find a stock bottle that would provide an updated look for the product. But after visiting with their TricorBraun sales representative, the company decided that a custom bottle would provide the impact they were looking for.

“I knew I wanted something that was up-to-date and hip, something uniquely ours,” said Chris Ascher, B.F. Ascher Vice President of Sales and Marketing."

The custom design department created nearly a dozen mockup bottles that were presented to numerous focus groups. For Mr. Ascher, it all came down to which bottle made people sit up and say, “Oh, cool.” And that’s precisely what they did.

“TricorBraun’s custom design team is something I can’t imagine finding at another vendor,” said Ascher. “They were easy to work with and really took our product, our customers and our input seriously.”

The result? A bottle that stands out on the shelf, fits nicely in the hand, and accurately reflects the pampering qualities of the product before the consumer even uses it.

Speed to Market

Every packaging project has limitations, and this one was no exception. While it was important for B.F. Ascher and TricorBraun to come up with a modern and sophisticated bottle, it needed to be ready to implement at a specific time.

B.F. Ascher wanted the new bottles to come right in line as the existing bottles were exhausted. TricorBraun not only produced the custom bottle the company was looking for, they delivered it with precision timing.

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B.F. Ascher & Co., Inc.

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