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Beaumont Products, Inc.

Household & Ind Chemical

Household & Ind Chemical: Beaumont Products, Inc.

Updating packaging to meet changing retail demands

Beaumont Products needed to comply with new mandates for sustainability and they took an extra step to clearly identify this critical change on the bottom of the bottle.

Client’s interests always in mind

TricorBraun custom designed, built, and then modified the mold for this updated package based on Beaumont’s requests.

Added PCR insignia to bottom of the bottle

As the demand for environmentally conscious products is on the rise, today’s educated consumer wants to easily identify recycled and recyclable material.

Natural product is an excellent match for a sustainable package

TricorBraun recognized Beaumont’s overall mission: to provide natural and environmentally safe products.

When Beaumont Products, Inc. develops a product…

One important issue always drives their ideas: the environment in the home and globally. Beaumont Products created Veggie Wash to offer consumers peace of mind in their kitchens. With natural cleansers from organic citrus, corn and coconut, Veggie Wash removes chemicals from fruits, vegetables, and even surfaces such as countertops.

As an existing client at TricorBraun, Beaumont Products knew where to turn to update the Veggie Wash packaging to match their overall mission of sustainability. Beaumont Products wanted a sustainable package to coincide with their natural product, and TricorBraun was able to create the perfect bottle to accomplish this goal.


It was important that the packaging used for Veggie Wash matched Beaumont’s model of sustainability. The updated Veggie Wash bottle is manufactured from 25% PET Post Consumer Resin. The 25% PCR material meets industry accepted levels for claiming “sustainability”, maintains the integrity of the package, and also attracts consumers in the produce department of grocery stores with its crisp, white exterior.

As more and more consumers are becoming environmentally conscious, demand for easily recognizable recyclable material is increasing. The bottle mold originally designed by the TricorBraun Design and Innovation team was modified with a new die by working in conjunction with the manufacturer. The TricorBraun bottle now includes on the bottom the words “25% PCR” in easy-to-read raised lettering. Many manufacturers are taking steps toward sustainability. TricorBraun and Beaumont Products are proud to be a part of this Earth Friendly change by including clear notification to the consumer as an integrated part of the packaging.

TricorBraun worked diligently to ensure Beaumont’s sustainability mission was satisfied throughout the entirety of the project. Further reducing negative impact on the environment, the bottle manufacturer originally selected by TricorBraun is located near Beaumont’s facility. This proximity between manufacturing and production consumes less fuel during transportation of the product and contributes to a “Green Mile” initiative to reduce carbon emissions.

TricorBraun’s ability to consistently work with its clients’ interests and goals in mind is what makes companies like Beaumont Products turn to TricorBraun for assistance in all aspects of their packaging needs, including updates and improvements to existing products. Steve Molnar revealed that Beaumont and TricorBraun are “working on another innovation now.”

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Beaumont Products, Inc.

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