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How COVID-19 Accelerated the Health and Wellness Macrotrend

By TricorBraun

Health and Wellness - Sanitizing Hands

The Health and Wellness sector was already an economic powerhouse pre-COVID-19. The Global Wellness Institute values the sector at $4.5 trillion, a figure that incorporates everything from nutraceuticals to genetics-based diets and nutrition, and from bio-hacking to mental health apps. As our behaviors continue to shift in response to the pandemic, we’re accelerating an already robust macrotrend as we seek out products to protect our homes, improve our immune systems, and boost our peace of mind.

COVID-19 has Changed the Landscape

How much have our behaviors changed?

An April 2020 Accenture report says that consumers are laser-focused on their most basic needs. Personal health, food and medicine, and the health of family and friends have become priorities.

Proportion of consumers that rank health as a priority

Let’s examine the 4 trends every consumer packaged goods company should know!

How COVID-19 Accelerated the Health and Wellness Macrotrend

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